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By Julie Schmiegelow 
Pujas, gods, ten-headed kings, an army of monkeys, diyas and defeated demons - the Hindu festival of lights has it all.

This section will guide you through the five days of Diwali. Read about the legends and find out how to celebrate on each of the five days. Good food, family and fireworks … and much more.

Happy Diwali!

Diwali dates in 2017

Dhanteras - October 17th
Naraka Chaturdashi - October 18th
Main Diwali - October 19th
Govardhan Puja - October 20th
Bhau-Beej - October 21st

Diwali dates in 2018

Dhanteras - November 5th
Naraka Chaturdashi - November 6th
Main Diwali - November 7th
Govardhan Puja - November 8th
Bhau-Beej - November 9th