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Your personal notebook

This is a short introduction to SkoleTube's web 2.0 tools.
When you find the online tool you need, follow the link and visit the site.

is used to create mind maps. You can create your own or work with a group, and you can include notes as well as pictures and links.
Go straight to MindMeister here.

Screencast is a recording tool which allows you to record the content of your screen and add your own sound. It is ideal for making personal notes.
Go straight to ScreenCast here.

TikiToki is used to create timelines and you can include text, pictures, sound and videos. The timeline can be as short or as long as you need.
Go straight to TikiToki here.

Prezi is a presentation tool. It allows more than one person to work with the same document, and it contains various visual effects and animations.
Go straight to Prezi here.

MovieCut allows you to make small films. It gives you access to various media databases and you can include your own pictures. It is an ideal presentation tool.
Go straight to MovieCut here.

Wix is a construction tool which allows you to create websites, mini-books, widgets and much more. It is a great way to save information about a topic.
Go straight to Wix here.

Voicethread is best described as ‘group work online’. You and your group can discuss topics at the same time and all data is collected and saved.
Go straight to Voicethread here.

Soundation is a tool used to record and/or edit sound. You can use sounds from the large database or import your own recordings, e.g. from an interview.

GoAnimate allows you to create small animations. It contains various backgrounds and props, and it is easy to use. It is a good presentation tool.
Go straight to GoAnimate here.

SlideMaker is a presentation tool very similar to a PowerPoint. It is easy to use, and it is ideal for simple presentations.
Go straight to SlideMaker here.

Pixton is a tool you can use to create cartoons – even if you cannot draw. The cartoons can be exported and saved in folders.
Go straight to Pixton here.

Animoto helps you create short videos which can include your own pictures. The videos can be used in other presentation tools like TikiToki.
Go straight to Animoto here.
allows you to create a digital noticeboard. You can create your own or work with a group, and you can add and share all digital items such as text, pictures and videos.
Go straight to Padlet here.